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Our history


RIG-TIG by Stelton is the new modern brand of kitchenware that brings both function and design to the kitchen. The basic philosophy behind RIG-TIG is functionality and off course we do not compromise on the design. RIG-TIG is also conscious about our environment. Therefore we try to reduce the environmental impact of producing RIG-TIG when it’s possible.




We have seen an increasing interest in design articles for the home in the last 10 years all over the world – with different speed in different countries.  During the last 2 or 3 years we have more specifically seen an increasing interest in articles for the kitchen. Probably since the kitchen as a room gets a more and more prominent meaning and position in our homes. We consider the kitchen a room of its own and social meetings are more and more often taking place in the kitchen.


Additionally, the living patterns of today are changing quickly. People get together, they get children, they leave each other, they meet new partners and so on. So consumers have changing living situations and thus needs. And we know that they always need basic kitchen articles. We want to offer them functional items that are great to look at and that are affordable.



With the Stelton brand we are working with design articles within 4 categories: Tabletop, home accessories, personal accessories and “gourmet kitchen” – i.e. articles for the finer dining table/room.  We are proud of our gourmet line, but realize that there is a great market for articles targeted to another type of kitchen and at another price level. We also know that the target group of this type of products is somewhat different from the target group of Stelton. So we decided to create a completely new brand with its own universe and brand values.


And why the name RIG-TIG? We consulted linguistic professors and other professionals who came up with all sorts of suggestions, including (Michael) Ring design and other names in that direction. However, we kept on coming back to the type of products we want to market:  the RIGHT products with the RIGHT design that are RIGHT for the environment and at the RIGHT prices. So RIG-TIG (which means right) was born and today we couldn’t imagine another name for our brand!



Well, Stelton as a company is all about design and we love great design here at Stelton. So even though “function” is the main value of RIG-TIG, the brand does originate from the designhouse Stelton and we would never produce anything that we didn’t think was great design. “By Stelton” is a guarantee for that.



RIG-TIG is actually for everyone that values functionality and great design and that cares about our environment. With the prices of RIG-TIG we have made it possible for most people to buy into the concept. But if we should describe the typical RIG-TIG consumer it is a person between 20-45 years that lives in the city and enjoys going out as well as socializing at home. She or he has an opinion about what is going on in the society and uses several media to get information: news papers, social media, Smart phones, magazines, TV etc. RIG-TIG is for the modern consumer that values aesthetics, but not for every price.


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