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Our values

RIG-TIG by STELTON has 3 values: Function, design and resources.


FUNCTION  With RIG-TIG we want to provide optimal functionality! We think that the kitchen is a very important and exiting part of the home, but we also know that most of us have limited time to spend in the kitchen and we know that a lot of kitchens are of limited space.  So, when designing our RIG-TIG items we always think about how we can make life a bit easier. Could we save space, could we save time, could we remove small moments of irritation? Our set of storage boxes is an example of saving space. All boxes fit each other and no matter how you choose to combine them they can always be stacked, taking up as little space as possible. Another example is our multi tools that all have multiple functions – saving you space, time and dish wash – they are simply just a bit smarter than normal tools.


DESIGN  We love good design here at Stelton and we could never produce anything that we didn’t think look great. So, functionality is a high priority for RIG-TIG, but that doesn’ t mean that we compromise on design. Because we don’t. We have cooperated with a group of excellent designers from around the world and their work has resulted in several attractive design solutions for the kitchen. Why shouldn’t kitchenware look as great as possible? RIG-TIG follows the Scandinavian, minimalistic design approach. We fancy simple lines and ”douche” colours, we do think that simplicity and clarity lead to good design and we try to strip our items to their essentials.


RESOURCES  The environment is such a big part of everyone’s life and it’s important that we all contribute to a better environment if and when we can. Therefore we try to reduce the environmental impact of producing RIG-TIG when it’s possible and makes sense. We do this through the materials we choose for our products, through the packaging, which we try to reduce to a minimum and through the functions of our products. If we can make life a bit greener, we happily will:


We reduce the packaging to a minimum and the packaging we do have is made of recyclable materials. A lot of our products only have a simple sticker, others a piece of cardboard with natural strings to attach them.


The materials we use for our products

Now, it is not always possible to use environmentally sound materials, we do have to consider practical issues too, but when it makes sense we do so. For some of our products we use pure bamboo and in others we have added 30% bamboo fibres to the melamine. In this way we reduce the use of melamine and use a natural material instead. Additionally, we know that bamboo is an environmentally sound material; bamboo grows up to 1 meter a day and thus grows much faster than e.g. trees. Bamboo releases more oxygen than other plants and thus re-circulates larger volumes of Co2 – thereby you contribute positively to the Co2 development when you use bamboo. Another example is that we use WPC (wooden plastic composite) where surplus wood is added to plastic, once again using less plastic and more natural material.


The functions of our products

When we develop our products, we also consider the environment. If we can make life a bit greener we happily will. Our coffee collector is one example of a product that due to its functionality hopefully can help all of us to save resources. Instead of rinsing out the coffee grounds from you coffee press directly  in your sink using a lot of water, you can now easily take your coffee collector out of the press and throw the coffee grounds where it belongs – in the green bin.


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