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Most of us have tasted it and enjoyed it. But not all of us have tried to make it ourselves. RIG-TIG sushi set is the perfect starters kit for new sushi makers. It contains mat for Maki rolls, spatula and a container to store the items in. The lids can be used as moulds when you are preparing Nigiri sushi. RIG-TIG wishes you the best of luck with your sushi preparation.


Design: Maria Berntsen


Technical data

Material: Acryllic, LDPE (mat), PP (spatula), ABS (lids)

Length: 29,5 cm

Colour: Sheer White, Heavy Grey, True Black


Article no.: Z00036


  • Contains the needed items for easy sushi preparation
  • Tube for storage
  • Mat, spatula unitool and lids
  • Lids can be used as moulds for Nigiri
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Free of BPA and phthalates
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