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Pepper grinder & salt tray

Salt and pepper are probably the two most widely used spices in our cooking. Just think of how often you spice food while cooking with a dash of salt or a touch of freshly ground pepper. RIG-TIG’s pepper grinder and salt tray is made to stand by the cooker so that you always have easy access to fresh ground pepper and salt. ­Adjust the grinder slightly according to how coarse or fine you want the pepper to be ground.


Design: Jens Fager


Technical data

Materials: Plastic (ABS), ceramics, stainless steel
Height: 18.5 cm
Length: 15.5 cm

Colour: Light Grey

Article no.: Z00047


  • Salt and pepper for cooking
  • Ceramic works in the pepper grinder
  • Adjustable – choose how fine/coarse the pepper is to be ground
  • Easy to wipe off after cooking
  • Free of BPA and phthalates
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