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Jens fager

Jens Fager is born 1979 in Katrineholm, 150 km. south of Stockholm in Sweden. He has studied industrial design på ”TUAD University” in Japan and graduated as master of Interior Architecture and furniture design at ”Konstfack University”, Stockholm 2008. Since then, Jens has worked from his own studio in Stockholm. Jens Fager got a fantastic start after his exhibition in Milan in 2008 that led to more exhibitions and jobs around the world, e.g. Toronto, London, Eindhoven and Milan.


Jens Fager works with everything from large interior decoration concepts to small functional tools. Among others, he has cooperated with Absolut Vodka, drawn series of lamps, furniture and cutlery. Since Jens used to be a chef, the cooperation with RIG-TIG was a natural step.


” I feel like I have found my natural place and I know that I have a lot of ideas and solutions that I can  inject to the RIG-TIG brand in the future. My philosophy is quite simple. I always try to focus on the main function of the product - peel, chop, mix, press etc. After that you have to choose the right materials and production technique. And in addition, I always think you have to apply a bit of humor or poetry”.


In 2008,  Jens Fager was chosen as designer of the year by Residence magazine.