RIG-TIG by STELTON salad spinner


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Spring- and summer salad with or without tender lamb racks

Use the recipe without the lamb as garniture or with the lamb as a starter or main course


4 portions


The salad

150 g. lamb’s lettuce
150 g. baby spinach
1 box sunflower sprouts
6 pcs. small fine beetroots
8 pcs. white asparagus  
1 pcs. lemon
200 g. small sweet green, yellow and red tomatoes
200 g. Gruyere cheese
(400 g. tender lamb racks)


Lemon dijonette

2 dl. virgin olive oil
1 st  lemon (Grate the peel and squeeze the lemon juice)
2 tbl spoon Dijon mustard
2 tbl spoon finely chopped parsley
Salt & pepper


Pick and rinse the lamb’s lettuce, sunflower sprouts and baby spinach and spin in the salad spinner. Boil the beetroots in well salted water, app. 15 min. Peel and slice them in larger pieces. Peel the asparaguses and cut off the ends.  Let them simmer in lightly salted water with the juice from the lemon - app. 12 min. Cut them into appropriate pieces.  Cut the tomatoes in half. Grate the gruyere cheese on a coarse grater.


If you want the salad as a starter or main course: Roast the lamb rack in one piece. The time depends on the size and how well cooked you want it. I prefer my lamb to be red. Add salt and pepper. Let the meat rest, carve out the ribs and place them on top of the salad.


Shake all the ingredients for the lemon dijonette with the dressing shaker. Finish by pouring the dressing over your nice and tasty salad.


Bon appetit / Jens Fager