Great design awards for the new brand RIG-TIG by STELTON!

Before RIG-TIG by STELTON has even reached the stores, the new brand has already been nominated for three design awards; RIG-TIG got the first price two times.


Autumn Fair Awards, UK

RIG-TIG by STELTON was presented at the Autumn Fair in Birmingham, England in the beginning of September. At the fair, the “Autumn Fair Awards” is handed out by Cookshop & Houseware, an organization of skilled people who works with kitchen tools every day. The jury was extremely enthusiastic about the RIG-TIG by STELTON brand and nominated no less than five products from the new brand in different categories. RIG-TIG took the first place in the prestigious category Best Product at Show with the article “Pastry roller with mat”.


Form 2011, Germany

RIG-TIG by STELTON was honored with the “Form 2011, Certificate of Excellence” at the Tendence Fair in Frankfurt for its set of storage boxes with tray and the bread box. The set of storage boxes consist of eight boxes in different sizes that are all stackable regardless of how you chose to combine them. The boxes can also be put on the stylish tray of bamboo and easily be brought to the dining table with e.g. breakfast products. The bread box is made of bamboo melamine where 30% bamboo fibers are added to the melamine. The lid of the breadbox s made of pure bamboo and functions both as a lid and a cutting board. 


The motivation of the Certificate of Excellence is: “The products stand out through its innovative form solutions, appropriateness of material usage and workmanship, utility and a convincing overall conception”.


Formland Design Award, Denmark

In the spring 2011, Stelton A/S won the Formland Design award for the series of knives, Pure Black. This autumn, Stelton was again nominated for the prestigious prize with a contribution from the new brand RIG-TIG by STELTON.


“RIG-TIG by STELTONs new carafe cleaner is both practical and pure in style and design and is thus among the nominated products to win the Formland Design Award 2011. The product is both functional and practical and completely right for the increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers”, the Formland committee said during their voting.


This time it wasn’t a first prize for the product, but RIG-TIG by STELTON was a proud “runner-up”.