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Industrial designer Jens Fager works with everything from large interior decoration concepts to small functional tools. he keeps his design philosophy simple:
“I always try to focus on the main function of the product - like peeling, chopping, mixing etc. and then I add a bit of humor or poetry...”

What makes a good kitchen product?
As many of us live in apartments these days, kitchen space is limited. Thus, in order to save space - I like to design kitchen items that are both beautiful and practical so one can use the same items for both cooking and serving. As a result, I also minimize the time spent on doing the dishes. My designs have to look attractive on the dining table. Dining should always be a journey of taste, while also being visually appealing.

What can we expect in the years to come? Do you sense a change in our needs for kitchen products?
Despite we all have busy lives, I believe we will spend more time in the kitchen in the future. Thus, quality is key both in terms of design and choice of material. I believe more products will be made of natural materials. In general, kitchen tools need to be smarter and more material efficient.

What are your key design principles?
My designs are always straightforward and simple to use. People should not need to reflect too much on how to use a kitchen product. It should just be there and serve you when you need it. In terms of quality, it should last for generations.

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