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"Simplicity and functionality are the essence of good design. Every detail needs to be essential to the design, so all aspects of the design are examined and justified before a product is put into production”.

Where do you find inspiration for kitchen products?
Inspiration often comes from my own life. Due to the nature of my work as an industrial designer, I tend to analyse the way I go about cooking. Thus, I often find ways to improve the functionality and aesthetics of kitchenware.

COOK & FREEZE ovenproof dish
To save time on doing the dishes, I wanted to create a storage box that could do more than just store food. With COOK & FREEZE one can create a nice oven-baked dish and serve it at the table or put it directly in the freezer without changing container. The boro-silicate glass is resistant to thermal shock, so COOK & FREEZE is a genius ovenproof dish and storage box all-in-one.

TRAY-IT bread tray
Great design is all about peeling away superfluous elements and finding simple solutions. With an open weave bread basket one would use a napkin to prevent the bread crumbs from falling out and to avoid condensation from the warm bread making the bread mushy. By creating a bread tray with bottom ribs, there is room for air circulation so the crust stays crusty and the crumbs will stay put in the tray.

HOLD-ON pot holders
I always found that silicone pot holders were practical because they can be easily cleaned by putting them in the dishwasher. Nevertheless, I wanted to improve the grip. As I commenced the design process by building paper models, the Japanese origami-inspired pattern was evident from the start. The pattern improves the grip and also adds a pleasing visual effect to the product.

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