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Viviana Degrandi

You live in Milan well-known for its beautiful and lush courtyards, roof top gardens, balconies and “the bosco verticale” – the vertical forest housing.

Is this how you found inspiration for the garden tools GREEN-IT for RIG-TIG  - or? 
Of course, Milan is a chaotic city and to live here makes you appreciate to stay out, in contact with the nature: to have a balcony or a terrace has a big value because it helps you to live in a better way, more relaxed. I live with my husband in a small apartment with a nice terrace, where we have dinner and lunch with friends in the good seasons, we use it in the hot summer nights to stay cooler.

Do you have any “garden memories”? visiting gardens? working in the garden with your grandmother/grandfather? 
When I was young, I grew up in a house with a vegetable garden, and it was natural to me to stay there and taste tomatoes or strawberries from the plant. Wherever I go on vacation, I go to visit some natural park or botanical garden; for example, the last summer we were in Portugal and we visited the Tropical Botanical Garden in Belem and the Coimbra Botanical garden. 

Both you and your husband like gardening?
He more than me; my husband really has a green thumb, he's very good at treating plants, and in summer our terrace is really lush. 

What do you grow in your garden? Which type of herbs/plants/ flowers?
I have a passion for climbing plants, jasmine, ivy of various types, clematis ... but I also like bulb flowers, like daffodils, cyclamens or crocuses. Tiziano tries to make a kitchen garden on the terrace: last year we planted carrots and salad, as well as the classic aromatic herbs rosemary and parsley. 

Do you have a simple favorite recipe with the herbs that you grow yourself? 
Yes, the recipe is Flavored carrots and it is very taste and simple to prepare. 
I wash my small carrots and I remove the top. I prepare a mix using rosemary, thyme, (or what my terrace offers in that moment) and a bit of cinnamon powder. I place them in a baking pan with oven paper and flavor with herbs, add olive oil, and a spoon of honey melt with lemon juice – as much as you like. Then I put in the oven at 180°C for 20 min. I like this plate very much because it’s easy and quick to prepare, and it perfectly matches with fried eggs. Try and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite garden / park in Milan? (that you would recommend for garden enthusiasts) and why? 
My favorite place is the Brera botanical garden; it is not full of plants or particularly well-kept, but the special thing that distinguishes it from others is the location, because it is between ancient buildings and has a very special “Decadent” charm. It is possible to visit this place every day, and sometimes it hosts special events, for example during the Milan Design Week. 

What is the name of your cat?
The black one is Toast, because of the color. He is really curious and friendly, and he loves to eat crocus and salad from the terrace, making Tiziano angry 😊 His sister’s name is Crêpe, but she is very shy so it’s difficult to take her in a photo. She loves to stay out behind the vases and to observe without being seen…

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