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BREW-IT teæg

Designer : Klaus Rath

Design family : RIG-TIG


Free of BPA and phthalates

New tea infuser in three stunning colours from RIG-TIG. BREW-IT is a fun tea infuser that makes it easy to serve tea for one person. Open the clip, fill with tea leaves, close and pour on hot water. Let the tea draw and enjoy a lovely brew. BREW-IT is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. BREW-IT is naturally free from BPA and phthalates.






Klaus Rath

Klaus Rath was born in 1964 and was educated as an industrial designer from the School of Architecture in Århus, Denmark. Among his clients so far have been companies such as GN Netcome, GN Mobile, Modulex and the Danish Social Ministery, working on both, product and graphic design.
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