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Here you find complete guidelines to correct recycling of all RIG-TIG products. That way you can make sure that the components are reused as valuable resources and that you contribute the best way possible to a sustainable future.


Material guide

Z00008 Storage box

Z00020 Bottle holder

Z00030 Slow coffee brewer

Z00034 Zig Zag Trivet

Z00035 Orange Squeezer

Z00038 BOX-IT Breadbox

Z00039 Dressing shaker 0,2L

Z00039-1 SHAKE-IT Dressing shaker 0,35L

Z00040 Salad spinner for MIX-IT bowl 3,5L

Z00041 Lid for mixing bowl S 1,5L

Z00042 Lid for mixing bowl M 2,5L

Z00043 Lid for mixing bowl L 3,5L

Z00046 Garlic press

Z00047 Pepper mill & Salt Tray

Z00048 CHOP-IT Chopping boards

Z00055 CHEESE-IT Parmesan mill

Z00056 POUR-IT Funnel

Z00057 HANG-IT Knobs

Z00059 COOK & SERVE Ovenproof bowls

Z00067 SINK-CADDY Holder

Z00068 SINK-CADDY Dish brush

Z00069 SAY-CHEESE Cheese slicer & Plane

Z00069-9 Spare wires for Z00069

Z00070 SINK-CADDY soap dispenser

Z00071 COOL-IT water carafe

Z00072 CRUSH-IT pestle & mortar

Z00073 SWEEP IT dustpan & broom

Z00074 BAKE-IT loaf pan

Z00075 SPICE-IT salt cellar

Z00076 DRY-IT colander l

Z00077 DRY-IT colander m

Z00078 SPICE-IT pepper mill

Z00079 SPICE IT tray

Z00080 WEIGH-IT kitchen scale

Z00081 LOOP salt or pepper cart

Z00086 NAP-IT napkin holder

Z00087 ROLL-IT kitchen roll holder

Z00090 TEA-FOR-ONE tea egg

Z00095 BREW-IT tea infuser

Z00096 BOX-IT butterbox

Z00100 Multi opener

Z00101 Multi peeler

Z00104 SLICE-IT pizza wheel

Z00110 FROTHY milk frother

Z00111 GRATEFUL grater

Z00112 DISHY dish rack

Z00113 EVERYDAY tea towel

Z00120 KEEP-IT COOL cooler bag

Z00121 KEEP-IT COOL water bottle

Z00122 KEEP-IT COOL Lunchbox

Z00125 ORGANIZE-IT multibox

Z00130 GROW-IT herb pot

Z00131 PLANT-IT flowerpot

Z00135 GREEN-IT gardening tools

Z00136 YOUR TREE planting pot with seeds

Z00140 TRAY-IT bread tray

Z00140-1 TRAY-IT bread tray - cork

Z00141 MIX'N'MATCH mugs 4 pcs

Z00150 COOK & FREEZE ovenproof storage large

Z00151 COOK & FREEZE ovenproof storage medium

Z00160 MAGNETIC knife holder

Z00165 GOODIES storage jar 0,5L

Z00166 GOODIES storage jar 1L

Z00167 GOODIES storage jar 1,5L

Z00170 POUR-IT carafe

Z00171 POUR-IT pitcher

Z00173 GRAB-IT salad servers

Z00200 MIX-IT mixing bowl S1,5L

Z00201 MIX-IT mixing bowl M2,5L

Z00202 MIX-IT mixing bowl L3,5L

Z00203 Measuring cup, 1L

Z00205 Pastry roller with baking mat

Z00207 MULTI measure cups

Z00208 HOLD-ON pot holders 2pcs

Z00209 DROP colander

Z00210 MIX-IT measuring cup 1dl

Z00211 NAIL-IT thermometer

Z00212 DRINK-IT water bottle

Z00220 CARRY-ON serving tray

Z00230 STORE-IT glass container S

Z00231 STORE-IT glass container M

Z00232 STORE-IT glass container L

Z00250 BRING-IT to-go cup

Z00270 CATCH-IT drinking bottle

Z00290 COOK-IT whisk

Z00291 COOK-IT large stirrer

Z00292 COOK-IT small stirrer

Z00293 COOK-IT palette

Z00294 COOK-IT tongs for pasta or salad

Z00301 EASY vegetable kniv

Z00302 EASY peeling knife

Z00303 EASY ratatouille spoon

Z00304 EASY porridge spoon

Z00305 EASY syrup spoon

Z00307 EASY turn tongs

Z00308 EASY taster stick

Z00309 EASY plaice turner

Z00310 EASY pancake turner

Z00311 EASY scramble spatula

Z00312 EASY omelette spatula

Z00313 EASY baking stirrer

Z00314 EASY Surface brush

Z00315 EASY praline spatula

Z00316 EASY pastry spatula

Z00318 MEASURE-IT measuring spoon

Z00319 cutting board with tray

Z00320 HERBS chopper and chopping board set

Z00348 BLOCK-IT knifeblock

Z00349 Knife sharpener

Z00350 SHARP bread knife

Z00351 SHARP chef's knife

Z00352 SHARP santoku knife

Z00353 SHARP vegetable knife

Z00410 QUATTRO bowl 1L

Z00411 QUATTRO bowl 1,5L

Z00420 BREW-IT coffee brewer

Z00421 BREW-IT french press tea

Z00500 COOK & SERVE ovenproof bowl, 16cm S

Z00501 Lid for COOK & SERVE ovenproof bowl, S

Z00502 COOK & SERVE ovenproof bowl, 20 cm M

Z00503 Lid for COOK & SERVE ovenproof bowl, M

Z00504 COOK & SERVE ovenproof bowl, 24cm L

Z00505 Lid for COOK & SERVE ovenproof bowl, L

Z00506 COOK & SERVE ovenproof roaster with lid, M

Z00507 COOK & SERVE ovenproof roaster with lid, L

Z00508 COOK & SERVE ovenproof dish, 26 cm L

Z00509 COOK & SERVE ovenproof dish, 18 cm M

Z00550 FREEZE-IT Ice cube tray 9c

Z00551 Ice cube tray12c

Z00601 FOODIE flatbed toaster

Z00603 FOODIE coffee grinder

Z00604 FOODIE hand mixer

Z00605 FOODIE blender

Z00606 FOODIE Hand Blender

Z00607 FOODIE Electric Milk Frother

Z00608 FOODIE Single Cup Coffee Maker

ZPR3 Woodstock storage box, medium

ZPR3-1 Woodstock storage box, small

ZPR3-2 Woodstock storage box, large

ZPR4 SAVE-IT Storage boxes, 5pcs