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Böttcher & Kayser

Böttcher & Kayser is a Berlinbased studio founded in 2007, working in the fields of consumer product, furniture, lighting and interior design.
Moritz Böttcher and Nikolaus Kayser (both born in 1978) already met in kindergarden and went to school together. Today they are running their own studio doing design for many well-known clients.

Moritz Böttcher and Nikolaus Kayser have been awarded with numerous design prizes such as the Interior Innovation Award, several iF and Red Dot Design Awards, including
the prestigious Red Dot‚ Best of the Best’.

Their projects have been published in books and magazines around the world.

HANG-IT Knobs (2 pcs)

€ 14.95

HANG-IT Knobs (2 pcs)

€ 14.95