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In 2006 Dipl. Ing. Fabian Baumann and Dipl. Des. Sönke Hoof joined forces to found the Berlin based product design agency Formfjord. Fabian Baumann (*1977) studied mechanical engineering at TU-Berlin and Product-Design at TU-Delft. Sönke Hoof (*1972) studied Product-Design at Kunsthochschule Berlin after an apprenticeship as interieur decorator. Today, he teaches at different german design schools. "We design and develop products for all areas of everyday life on behalf of renowned german and international clients. As a team of a designer and an engineer it is our claim to develop products that function – technologically and ecologically, ergonomically and emotionally, strategically and economically. This aim we pursue by seeking market gaps for innovation and creating product ideas that fit the market and our partners."