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Pierre Foulonneau

The French designer Pierre Foulonneau makes sketches like other people take notes. They are an important base of his idea bank when he is starting up new design projects. He often revisits the sketch books which take up a major part of his design studio in the French city Nantes at the Atlantic coast.

Pierre was born in Nantes and graduated from L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique in 2003. After that he went to Finland to study further. He also worked for some years in Milan in a design studio together with George J. Sowden.

Today he has his own design studio and takes on assignments for international companies. For RIG-TIG he has designed the GOODIES storage jars and the POUR-IT jugs.

He says about GOODIES:

“For the GOODIES storage jars, the idea came from the rising environmental responsibility and “zero waste” trends and a tendency to a return to homemade dishes. So I thought there was an opportunity for some durable food containers.

I wanted a simple, functional and elegant product with a timeless aesthetic. I chose durable material such as glass and ceramic and reduced the use of plastic as much as possible. The curved edges of the glass give access to get hold of the lid and create a strong aesthetic signature.”

The POUR-IT jugs are must haves in a French home, says Pierre:

“At home the yellow jug sits proudly at the center of my kitchen table with a glass by. Available at any time and brightening up my interior.

The elegant proportions of the carafe suit my desk better and I like dropping in some leaves of homegrown mint. Minty water is the perfect drink to keep you fresh throughout hot summer’s days.

Both items also fit perfectly in the fridge door. As a Frenchman, it is important during the summer to have cool water ready in order to enjoy some famous “aniseed-flavored” drinks for the “apéro” (pre-dinner drinks).”

GOODIES Storage jar

€ 29.99

Carafe 1L

€ 39.95

Pitcher 1L

€ 39.95

GOODIES Storage jar

€ 24.99