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3 Days of Design 2019 with Stelton and RIG-TIG


Thursday 23 May 4 p.m.:

Vilde Violer - (Wild Violets) edible flowers and herbs

Grow your own flowers and herbs for your food with RIG-TIG. Join us in our greenhouse when Vilde Violer talks about organic, edible flowers and herbs. Get inspired and treat your taste buds with new delicate flavours in juices, salads, cakes and other dishes.

#vegetablegarden, #urbangardening, #raisedbeds, #rooftopgarden, #organicflowers, #edibleflowers, #organicseeds

#altankasser, #plantekrukker, #haveredskaber

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Friday 24 May 2 p.m.:

Delicious lemonades with Lækkerier

Meet Lækkerier (the Danish cake magazine) and taste their refreshing lemonades and juices for the summer. Get the recipes and receive inspiration for fabulous servings for the table and “to go” with RIG-TIG.

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Friday 24 May 3 p.m.:

Have a drink with Nordic Gin House and designers Debiasi & Sandri

Join us for a tasteful experience when Nordic Gin House serves the new Stelton signature drink with their København Klassisk Gin. Mingle and meet the Italian design duo Debiasi & Sandri, who has created Stelton’s popular Collar bar set and the moka coffee pot series.

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Saturday 25 May 10 a.m.:

Morning tea with Emeyu and Lækkerier

Emeyu, a Scandinavian, organic tea company, will be serving some of their best teas to go with nice, little treats from Lækkerier. The teas are carefully hand-picked from sustainable gardens around the world. Choose your favourite Stelton brewing method: Stoneware pots, tea press makers or tea eggs. 

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Saturday 25 May 1 p.m.:

Bar styling and tasting with Nordic Gin House

Get a taste of København Klassisk Gin by Nordic Gin House and find out what makes it so special. Choose your personal bar style: Classic and Bauhaus inspired by Arne Jacobsen, British elegance by Norman Foster or a modern, Scandinavian/Italian mix with Collar by Debiasi & Sandri. 

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