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The EASY collection by Cecilie Manz challenges the status quo. The collection of kitchen utensils is equally elegant and sturdy. So far the collection has won two international awards for outstanding design: The Design Plus Award 2015 and the prestigious Red Dot 2015 —“Best of the Best” design award.

What do you particularly like about the EASY collection?
The EASY collection is a line of universal kitchen utensils that you will find in any period of time, any culture, anywhere. A simple wooden spoon or spatula is on one hand looking more or less the same everywhere; on the other hand each item is unique when you pay attention to detail; like the choice of materials, the shape and the level of craftsmanship.

Is there a certain design approach that you pursue?
Simplicity is key. If it is not essential to the design, it should probably not be there.

What inspires you?
Everyday life is always a good starting point for identifying details to improve, discovering things that could be done a tiny bit better.

Is there a product that you have always dreamed of realizing someday?
A greenhouse, a bike basket, a door handle ...

How do you defIne design quality?
High quality design stands the test of time - both when it comes to the durability of the material and remaining aesthetically pleasing.

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