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COOL-IT flasker med fyld_4


COOL-IT won the prestigious
IF gold design award 2015 for
outstanding design.

Inspired by vintage milk bottles Francis Cayouette has designed the funky COOL-IT carafe, combining a touch of humor with crisp design and high functionality.

Despite your French Canadian background it seems you have a great understanding of Scandinavian design?
I think it is due to a combination of my personality, my education and the fact that I have lived and worked in Copenhagen since 1999. My dad is an architect and when he was younger he was very much inspired by classic modern american and nordic design; so I grew up, more or less, in a Scandinavian type of home. This has certainly had an effect on developing my intuitive understanding of it, creating my own sense of Danish design.

How do you define Scandinavian design?
In my opinion, Scandinavian design is about finding the right balance between the emotional and the functional elements, the extraordinary and the obvious. It is about simple and beautiful solutions for everyday needs.

What trends will drive the future of interior design?
I believe there will be more focus on well-being and sustainable living. More people will try to reduce their household’s environmental footprint and have a preference for products they can keep and use for a long time. Tactile materials will be used to counter-balance the flatness of the digital world that we experience from screens and tablets.

How did you come up with the COOL-IT carafe?
I wanted to design a carafe that would fit into the fridge door and was easy to pour from. I felt inspired by the typical vintage milk bottle with its simple and functional ceramic closure. I started sketching and got this idea of putting a ball on top of a glass bottle, and then I challenged myself to find a way to keep it in place without adding an extra component. The result, after much experimentation, is an innovative one-piece flip-top. I love the COOL-IT carafe because it is a symbiosis of form and function; by flipping the ball to open and close the carafe adds a bit of fun to everyday life and it works really well.

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