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Sandwich bread

Recipe for sandwich bread (6-7 pcs)


5 deciliters of cold water

- 1 deciliter of rye flour

- 3 deciliters of whole wheat flour

- 3 deciliters of wheat flour

- 10 grams of coarse salt

- 1 teaspoon honey

- 12 grams of yeast

What to do:

Put yeast, water, salt and honey into a bowl and stir.

- Add the flour and stir for as long as the dough sticks around the hook in the mixer.

- Leave the dough to rise for about an hour on the kitchen table, or in the fridge through the night.

- Sprinkle some flour on the kitchen table and pour the moist dough on the table.

- Use a spatula and a knife to “cut out” pieces of dough of about 4x7 cm. Put them on a oven plate with baking paper and squeeze them a little with the spatula covered in flour.

- Let the breads rise while the oven reaches the temperature of 250°C.

- Bake the breads in the middle of the oven. Put another baking plate in the bottom of the oven and pour half a deciliter of water on the plate to create moist. This will make the crust nice and crispy.

- Bake until the breads are golden brown (approx. 20 min) Let them cool off for a bit.

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