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Home-made schnapps with berries 

3 x home-made schnapps with berries

Home-made schnapps with sea buckthorn

Make your very own schnapps with the wonder-berry sea buckthorn. Here is an easy recipe with just 3 ingredients.

During the autumn and all the way until November, you can pick sea buckthorn from bushes growing in the wild. You can often find them along the coast and near public dune plantations, and although it takes some patience to pick them, it is definitely worth it. Sea buckthorn is actually an excellent source of flavour, and with its acidic and fresh taste, it is perfect for schnapps – particularly at Christmas.

(NOTE: If you do not have the time or opportunity to pick your own berries, then you can also find sea buckthorn in most supermarkets).


30 ml sea buckthorn berries
1 bottle of unflavoured schnapps
2 tbsp. honey

1. Rinse the berries and add 30 ml of sea buckthorn in an airtight bottle.
2. Add honey – all depending on how sweet you like your schnapps.
3. Pour the unflavoured schnapps on top and let it absorb for 1-3 months.
4. Shake the glass once in a while, and finally, filter the liquid so that the schnapps is ready to serve.

Tip: Sea buckthorn schnapps is perfect with both fish and shellfish during those Christmas lunches as well as with sweet desserts.


Home-made blueberry schnapps

The blueberry schnapps is a tasty, spicy schnapps based only on 2 ingredients. It is easy to make and has a wonderful round flavour that goes perfectly with desserts and lunches. It even has a fantastic colour.

The blueberries can be picked out in the wild, and the wild berries go best with your schnapps. However, you can also buy blueberries in supermarkets and use either fresh or frozen berries for the schnapps.

2 large handfuls of fresh or frozen berries
1 unflavoured bottle of schnapps

Rinse the berries and add two large handfuls into an airtight bottle.
1. Pour the unflavoured schnapps on top and let it absorb for 1-2 months – or longer
2. Shake the glass once in a while and filter the schnapps through a cloth before serving.
3. Perhaps dilute the schnapps 1:2, tasting until you arrive at the desired product.

Tip: It may be a good idea to store the schnapps for a few weeks before serving.


Home-made chilli schnapps with lemon

Make your own spicy schnapps with chilli and lemon, and enjoy a strong, delicious schnapps with lots of bite.

The chilli schnapps is a great alternative to the traditional cumin schnapps.

It is quite easy to make chilli schnapps with just 3 ingredients. You can decide how strong it should be and the type of chilli you prefer.

1 whole chilli
1 organic lemon
1 bottle unflavoured schnapps

1. Slice the lemon and possibly remove the rind, as the white part may add bitterness to the schnapps.
2. Halve the chilli and place it in an airtight container with the lemons.
3. Pour the unflavoured schnapps on top and let it absorb for up to 1 month.
4. However, you can remove the chilli after one week, depending on how strong a flavour you would like. Taste regularly.
5. Let the rest of the schnapps stand for the remaining time, and remember to shake the glass once in a while.
6. Finally, filter out the lemons, and the schnapps is ready to serve.

Tip: If it ends up too strong, then make a schnapps using only lemon and “dilute” it until the schnapps has the desired strength.


Recipes and pictures provided by Bo Bedre


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