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At, we collect information about all visits to We use that information to improve your website experience, evaluate the use of the individual elements on the website, and to support our marketing. collects information about its users and their visits in two ways:
- Using cookies
- Through user input of information (for example profile creation, filling in purchase form, newsletter registration, participation in competitions and customer surveys)

What is a cookie? 
When you visit, cookies are stored in your browser to identity your computer at the next visit. The information in your cookies is sent between your browser and a web server and among others contains information about user settings and how the website is used.

How do I avoid cookies?
If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can either block all cookies or delete existing cookies from your computer. 
You should, however, note that the consequence of doing so is that there will be many inaccessible functions and services because those functions and services require that the website remembers your selections.

What are cookies used for on automatically registers visitors’ IP address as well as data regarding navigation between different pages and services on the website. If you logon or register for our newsletter, we also register this to facilitate your next visit.
Cookies are also stored for language choice, to complete your order, and to keep track of the contents of your shopping basket, etc. For that purpose, we also use different analytics tools, e.g. Google Analytics, that collect statistical information about the use of and creates a better experience for you.

Third party cookies
Third party cookies are used for statistics purposes during your visits to to improve your experience of the website and our services. For this purpose we use Google Analytics.
To establish who visits our website, we use cookies to collect demographical and user related statistics. These cookies are also used to follow you and other user across your visits to several websites. This type of cookie is used to create profiles that show what searches each user had made or what pages they have visited. Such cookies may store data that can be used to identify individual users personally, or contain specific information about the user. Anonymous data may be shared with third parties. The information collected by the cookie regarding your use (traffic data, including your IP address) is forwarded to and stored by Google. You may opt out of cookies from Google Analytics here: may also store cookies during the use of services and components from third parties like Google Maps and YouTube. Videos are integrated in the page through YouTube uses cookies to register what videos are shown and how much of the movie you have watched. contains links to our social media pages to ensure easy customer browsing. also collaborates with companies that may improve our online marketing by ensuring that you will only be shown relevant ads. To that end, we use suppliers such as: Facebook and Google. We also use tools to control our digital marketing, e.g. AdWords as well as Facebook and other social media.

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Stelton A/S
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This policy was last updated: 25 June 2018