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Stickers for storage boxes

Designer : Troels Seidenfaden

Design family : RIG-TIG


Recognize the content easily

With these practical stickers you can easily recognize the content of your RIG-TIG storage boxes. You get 10 different icons for different content and each icon has 3 shades of black and grey. This makes it easy for you to store 3 types of pasta, 3 types of nuts, 3 types of sugar etc. and still remember what’s in your boxes. The icons are transferable stickers that give a nice and smooth look on the box. The stickers are dishwasher proof.






Troels Seidenfaden

Troels Seidenfaden was born in 1962 and originally served his apprenticeship as a gunsmith in 1984. After that he studied at the Danish School of Design, specializing in Design Management and graduated in 1996. He received further training at the Department of Product Development at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 1998.
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