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Pepper grinder & salt tray

Designer : Jens Fager

Design family : RIG-TIG


Adjustable pepper mill with salt cellar

Salt and pepper are probably the two most widely used spices in our cooking. Just think of how often you spice food while cooking with a dash of salt or a touch of freshly ground pepper. RIG-TIG’s pepper grinder and salt tray is made to stand by the cooker so that you always have easy access to fresh ground pepper and salt. ­Adjust the grinder slightly according to how coarse or fine you want the pepper to be ground.





Plastic, ceramic & Steel

Jens Fager

Jens Fager is born 1979 in Katrineholm, 150 km. south of Stockholm in Sweden. He has studied industrial design på ”TUAD University” in Japan and graduated as master of Interior Architecture and furniture design at ”Konstfack University”, Stockholm 2008. Since then, Jens has worked from his own studio in Stockholm.
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