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What is circular economy?

We need to find new solutions if we want to secure sustainability in future. This demands a more circular mindset concerning the way we produce goods and act as consumers. Our throwaway culture isn’t sustainable in the long run.

Circular economy is simply about retaining materials and products in the economic loop with the highest possible value for as long as possible. With a circular economy, resources that would have ended as waste are moved one or more steps back in the value chain and reused or used as new resources in a new loop.   

How can I contribute as a consumer?

As a responsible consumer you can maintain your products on a regular basis. This means keeping them clean and free of e.g. limescale so that they last longer. You can read more about this under MAINTAIN-IT which sums up a lot of good advice and tips and tricks.

If you no longer need your product, we recommend that you give your product to someone else or exchange it for another via one of the many SHARE-IT platforms that exist.

If the product is worn down, and can no longer be of use, please follow our RECYCLE-IT guidelines in order to make sure that all the components of the product are recycled in the correct way.