Everyday life becomes a bit easier when everything has its right place

The starting point of our design is that RIG-TIG products should make everyday life easier. And they should preferably have two-in-one features so a single product can cover several needs. That makes all our products ideal for compact living. Basically, it’s about efficient storage and systems that help keep the surfaces of your home clean.

You should be able to unfold your life without having to move a lot of things around first. That probably goes for everyone whether you are living big or small. Let yourself be inspired by our products for storage and see how they can make your everyday life easier and more efficient.

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Clean surfaces

Empty space and clean surfaces in the kitchen allow you to go straight to the cooking. Hideaway the bread in the BOX-IT bread box and organise bottles and herbs in our HANDY-BOX.

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Large selection of products for efficient organisation of your home

Organise with colours

Our most popular products are available in various soft colours making it possible to work with a consistent colour for your basic kitchen products. A well-balanced colour scheme will help create a calm and orderly atmosphere in the home.

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The lid for the BOX-IT bread box is made of wood, designed to be used as a cutting board in addition. The collection also holds a nice butter box.
Simple storage jars

See-through storage jars give you a better view of the food in cabinets and drawers. The slim design of the STORE-IT jars makes optimal use of the space. They close tightly to ensure that bugs and other unwanted guests won’t spoil the food.

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Think out of the box and use the HANDY-BOX to keep order in the office or the kids' cartoons. Available in different sizes and colours.
Smart cooking & baking

Our products often have an innovative solution for a known problem or two-in-one features. We know space is tight, and that you don’t need a surplus of products in your kitchen.

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