What is Circular Economy?

We need to find new solutions if we want to secure sustainability in future. This demands a more circular mindset concerning the way we produce goods and act as consumers. Our throwaway culture isn’t sustainable in the long run.

Circular economy is simply about retaining materials and products in the economic loop with the highest possible value for as long as possible. With a circular economy, resources that would have ended as waste are moved one or more steps back in the value chain and reused or used as new resources in a new loop.

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As a consumer it is important to care for your products on a regular basis. It is important to keep your products clean and free of e.g. limescale. In that way, the products live longer which is better for the environment.

We recommend that cutting boards made of wood are only handwashed in warm water with a little dish soap and then dried thoroughly. Let the boards dry standing upright in order to avoid that they bend.

Limescale in bottles and alike can be removed with vinegar and hot water. Let it soak for some hours and rinse with clean water. Repeat if there is any limescale left.

Products made from plastic should be washed by hand in warm soap water and dried afterwards. Do not use strong detergents or harsh cleaning methods. Whether a product is dishwasher safe or not is indicated on the instruction notice of the specific product.

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Find complete guidelines to correct recycling of all RIG-TIG products under each product page. That way you can make sure that the components are reused as valuable resources and that you contribute the best way possible to a sustainable future.

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If you no longer use your RIG-TIG product, it is most likely that there are others who are looking for exactly that kind of product. Instead of recycling the product we recommend that you pass it on to someone who can use it. The more products we share, the more we protect the environment, which is good for all of us. There are many different exchange and product swapping apps or websites, you can support the local scouts and their flea market, or bring your products to the nearest second hand store.

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The inviting pastels set the tone for a playful, retro style in the kitchen.

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