A new everyday favourite

PIP is a particularly useful serving jug that brings both function and a smile to the table. The lid, which is made of silicone, has a practical open/close function that is easy to operate with just one hand. This makes the jug easy for both children and adults to use. 

The jug is designed to fit on the shelf in the refrigerator door, and with its volume of 1.4 litres, PIP easily quenches the thirst of even the large family. 

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CUT-IT is made of FSC-certified fibre wood, which is a material with many benefits - it is antibacterial, does not dull your knives, and perhaps most importantly, it can go in the dishwasher. The cutting board can easily be sanded and oiled if it becomes worn and greyish over time. 

With the CUT-IT cutting board, you get a durable work tool for the kitchen and with its simple design and slim lines it does not take up much space. 

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A citrus press without frills

The juicy citrus press is a practical little helper for the kitchen. With its compact design, it does not take up much space in a cupboard or drawer, the colour makes it easy to spot and when in use, it does its job to perfection. In the old-fashioned way, all liquids are quickly squeezed out of any size citrus fruit with a light pressure and twist. The integrated strainer in the pouring spout ensures that only the juice goes into the food or drink, while stones and pulp remain. 

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Deluxe chocolate & coffee cookies

Crisp and lightly baked double chocolate cookies with a fluffy coffee-flavored buttercream-filling.

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