1 dl freshly pressed lemon juice
1.5 dl cream
50 g of butter
200 g of sugar
75 g glucose syrup


1. Mix lemon juice, cream, sugar and glucose syrup in a pan and let it boil till it reaches 122 °C (use a sugar thermometer). It takes some time, be patient and keep an eye on the thermometer.

2. Dress a small baking form or ovenproof dish (approximately 15 x 15 cm) with baking paper.

3. Remove the caramel from the stove when the temperature is right and add the butter. Stir the caramel and pour it into the form.

4. Let the caramel cool down and cut it into pieces. You may wrap the pieces into cellophane or baking paper. Keep the caramels cool and in an airtight container.

Recipe by the magazine “Lækkerier".

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Our citrus squeezer is designed to let the juice run freely while seeds and pulp stay behind in the filter. Remove the filter and you can pour juice directly into a glass or carafe. The three corners make it easy to pour from regardless of the angle.

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