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QUANTITY: 1 bread

200 g dark beer or stout (room temperature)
200 g water (room temperature)
1 table spoon dark syrup
1 table spoon walnut oil 
12 g yeast
575 g flour
10 g fine salt
100 g walnuts



1 egg, whisked
2 table spoons cane sugar (demerara sugar)
25 g walnuts


1. Mix beer, water, syrup and oil in a bowl. Add yeast and stir until it has dissolved.

2. Carefully add flour a little at the time, while stirring. Knead the dough with a spoon or with a mixer for about 7 minutes.

3. Crush the walnuts lightly and mix them with the salt. Add to the dough and knead 5 to 7 minutes more till the dough is a satiny and smooth ball.

4. Let the dough rise to double size at room temperature, about 1½ hours.

5. Turn on the oven at 210/195 C (convection heat). Gently turn the dough onto the table and fold it one time in either direction. Form a long bread and place it in the baking form which has been greased.

6. Brush the bread with egg and use a sharp knife to make three deep slashes in the top. Sprinkle with sugar and walnuts. Cover the bread and let it rise 30-45 minutes or till it has swollen.

7. Bake the bread for 40 minutes till it is golden and sounds hollow when you knock on the backside. (Cover the bread with a foil if it gets too dark before it is done).

TIP If you don’t have walnut oil, use sunflower oil or a neutral oil mixed with a little sesame oil.

Recipe by @magasinet_laekkerier

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