Amount: 8 people

240 g oat biscuits (or digestives)
120 g melted butter
3 large egg whites
75 g of sugar
75 g of powdered sugar
App. 4 table spoons of raspberry marmalade
App. 2 slopes of fresh raspberries
App. 1 tea spoon of matcha tea powder

How to

1. Preheat the oven to 180 °C.

2. Crush the biscuits into crumbs. Use a food processor if necessary.

3. Melt the butter and mix it with the crushed biscuits.

4. Divide the crushed biscuits into a mould or cake ring (20 cm in diameter) and make a 1 cm high rim.

5. Bake the biscuit base in the oven for approx. 5 minutes and let them cool afterwards.

6. Clean and dry the raspberries.

7. Whip the egg whites white and foaming in a clean bowl. Add the sugar gradually while whipping at high speed. Then add the powdered sugar, still under strong whipping until the meringue becomes tender and cool.

8. Divide the raspberry marmalade into the bottom of the chilled pie.

9. Place the fresh raspberries on the marmalade.

10. Decorate the raspberries with the meringue. Use either a spoon or scraper to create a random look or spray it on with a spray bag.

11. Finally, spread the matcha tea powder lightly over the meringue.

This recipe was created by the magazine "Lækkerier".

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